These are the heroes of tomorrow. New ideas and aspirations like the greats – you have to start early to become a master. Workwear that shows this deserves the euphoria it receives! Becoming yourself and making dreams come true - not a problem with these vintage styles – either at school or when discovering who you are!

Part of the self-development process is being able to present yourself in public. The possibility of free choice therefore should also apply to what you wear. This workwear allows you to turn casual outfits for school into work clothing very quickly, turning a junior craftsperson into the professional he or she aspires to be!

Growing up is not always easy. So when things get tough, these POWERdenim jeans are your most loyal companion. Invisibly woven: Dyneema®. This super-fibre turns normal jeans into POWERdenim. Durable, stable yet flexible. Put simply: the perfect jeans for all adventures on your way to becoming an adult.