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Collaborations: 3x50 Dispos. nitrile gloves Chem Risk+EURO2024 Hat
Collaborations: 3x50 Dispos. nitrile gloves Chem Risk+EURO2024 Hat
Collaborations: 3x50 Dispos. nitrile gloves Chem Risk+EURO2024 Hat
Collaborations: 3x50 Dispos. nitrile gloves Chem Risk+EURO2024 Hat 2

3x50 Dispos. nitrile gloves Chem Risk+EURO2024 Hat

270,00 kr.
plus shipping
inc VAT
Delivery time approx. 3-6 working days
3x50 Dispos. nitrile gloves Chem Risk+EURO2024 Hat
270,00 kr.
inc VAT
plus shipping


Set comprises:
3x Disposable nitrile gloves Chem Risk II, powder-free

3x Disposable nitrile gloves Chem Risk II, powder-free:

  • acc. to ISO 18889:2019, G1
  • EN 388:2016, Mechanical risks, 2000X
  • EN ISO 374-1:2016 - TYPE A, resistant to Chemicals, JKOPST
  • EN ISO 374-5:2016 - VIRUS, Chemicals and Micro Organisms
  • AQL 0,65
  • Extra strong material
  • With rolled edge
  • Latex-free, therefore hypoallergenic
  • Anti-slip thanks to the slightly roughened surface
  • Areas of use: Good chemical protection against oils, greases and for brief, direct contact with all kinds of foods
  • Length: approx. 30 cm

50 items per dispenser box

Mechanical risks

Protection gloves of this standard need to protect against physical and mechanical loads such as wear, cuts, puncturing, tearing or felling cuts. These loads can occur when working with metal or wood or any other tasks where hands need to be protected against mechanical injury. Also, they must comply with the regulations relating to electrical conductivity of protection gloves.

Protection gloves for mechanical risks must satisfy at least one of the test criteria listed in the table.

Testing Criteria:
Abrasion Resistance: 0-4
Cut Resistance: 0-5
Tear Resistance: 0-4
Puncture Resistance: 0-4
EN-ISO cut resistance: A-F
EN impact protection: yes/no

The higher the number, the better the test result.


It is usually assumed that protection gloves that withstand penetration in the test, offer effective protection against bacteria and fungi. However, because many viruses are much smaller than bacteria and fungi, these protection gloves may offer inadequate protection in practical fields.

A protection glove that is resistant to bacteria is a watertight glove that has a maximum AQL value of 1.5 in the permeability test. The AQL value (AQL = Acceptable Quality Level) reflects a given limit or the minimum quality requirement.

In general, the lower the AQL value, the better the quality of the protection gloves.

Protection against microorganisms:
Gloves that protect against viruses, bacteria and fungi.

Full chemical protection TYP A

Full chemical protection gloves primarily aim to protect the hands against chemicals. They are assigned to the PSA Category III. Due to the infinite range of chemicals, there is no one specific glove that will offer protection against all liquids. Instead, the best product must be selected for the task at hand. Full chemical protection has a protection index of at least 2, i.e. a permeation time > 30 minutes for at least 6 of 12 statutory defined test chemicals. (Permeation = penetration on a molecular level).

Permeation performance at least level 2, >30 minutes against at least six chemicals in the list:

Testing Criteria:
A- Methanol
B- Acetone
C- Acetonitrite
D- Di-chloromethane
E- Carbon disulphide
F- Tuluol
G- Diethylamine
H- Tetrahydrofuran
I- Ethyl acetate
J- N-Heptane
K- Sodium hydroxide 40 %
L- Sulphuric acid 96 %
M- Nitric acid 65 %
N- Acetic acid 99 %
O- Ammonium hydroxide 25%
P- Hydrogen peroxide 30 %
S- Hydrofloric acid 40 %
T- Formaldehyde 37 %


Acceptable Quality Level = procedure for determining quality. The DIN EN 455 defines a tightness value of at least 1.5 for medical disposable gloves.


Ideal for allergy sufferers.


In case of latex allergy, employers must provide latex-free gloves.


sturdy and durable disposable gloves that are pleasant to wear. Ideal for medical work and food processing sectors.


These gloves are suitable for contact with food in compliance with Regulation (EC) No. 1935:2004 (on materials and items intended to come into contact with food).

+ 1x FREE EURO2024 straw hat:

A straw hat in the vibrant UEFA EURO 2024TM special edition

  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear
  • Comes with a textile band featuring the Strauss X UEFA partner logo
  • Provides casual sun protection on hot days
  • Universal size

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