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engelbert strauss Chainsaw trousers

Chainsaw Trousers

Chainsaw Trousers for forestry

Chainsaw trousers are an essential item of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in the forestry industry. Chainsaw users are at particularly high risk of injury: uneven forest terrain, slippery ground, heavy machinery – often you’re only a split second away from slipping or falling. The running chainsaw then quickly becomes uncontrollable. Consequently, woodland and forestry workers cannot do without reliable chainsaw protection under any circumstances.

Chainsaw trousers are both trousers and bib & braces which have been inspected according to EN 381-5. This European safety standard defines the requirements for leg protection when working with hand-operated chainsaws. Therefore, EN standard chainsaw trousers provide comprehensive protection from injuries to the legs from power saws or hand-operated chainsaws.

How do chainsaw trousers provide protection?

Chainsaw trousers inspected according to EN381-5, chainsaw protection class 1, protect the legs from injuries from hand-operated chainsaws with a chain speed of up to 20 metres per second where it is required: From the hip to the ankle, on the front of the chainsaw trousers between the outer fabric and the filler, several layers of loosely woven, very long, very fine, tearproof threads have been incorporated – what is called a cut-resistant insert. As soon as the chain of the chainsaw cuts the outer fabric, it comes into contact with the threads of the cut-resistant insert. These wind around the chainsaw’s drive wheel, jamming it and preventing severe injuries to the legs.

engelbert strauss Workwear size table

The European standard 381 regulating chainsaw protection distinguishes five chainsaw protection classes which are measured according to chain speed:

  • Class 0 = 16m/s chain speed
  • Class 1 = 20m/s chain speed (standard)
  • Class 2 = 24m/s chain speed
  • Class 3 = 28m/s chain speed
  • Class 4 = 32m/s chain speed

Chainsaw trousers by engelbert strauss meet chainsaw protection class 1 – which is the chainsaw protection class most worn in the forestry industry. In accordance with this protection class, the chainsaw protection protects from a chain speed of 20 m/s. When buying premium chainsaw trousers, the priority should be checking the speed of the power saw used. Chainsaw trousers of higher classes are heavier and stiffer. This means a lower level of flexibility.

In addition to the chain speed, chain sharpness, chain tension, impact angle and impact energy are also crucial parameters for the degree of protection of chainsaw trousers. What’s clear is that as every contact with a chainsaw is different, chainsaw trousers cannot provide one hundred percent protection from injuries. Nevertheless, they are vital to avoid severe leg injuries with dangerous consequences when working with chainsaws.

engelbert strauss work trousers with knee pad pocket

What does "KWF-tested" and "FPA-approved" mean?

Only chainsaw trousers which pass a one-year practical test given by the Kuratorium für Waldarbeit und Forst-Technik WARNING: "[German Board of Forestry and Forestry Technology]" IS NOT A CORRECT LINK! – ‘KWF’ for short – are approved by the Forstlicher Prüfausschuss (FPA) WARNING: "[German Forestry Classification Committee]" IS NOT A CORRECT LINK! and which bear the KWF professional mark. Forestry professionals test the products in daily work in accordance with the inspection standards of EN381-5. The requirements comply with the latest technology in efficiency, work safety, ergonomics and environmental impact. The inspections comprise technical measurements, forestry operational tests and utility surveys. Primarily, the wear properties, durability, care and equipment are evaluated. The following engelbert strauss chainsaw trousers bear the KWF professional mark and have received the following FPA rating from the examination board:

What does chainsaw protection type mean?

Forestry and woodland workers are obligated to wear at least type A chainsaw trousers during their work. This type designation provides front protection for the legs from the hip to the ankle and up to a certain degree the inside and outside of the leg. Type C also protects the back of the legs which are seldom at risk. Type B is a crossover and seldom necessary.

Which chainsaw trousers are the best ones?

Chainsaw trousers by engelbert strauss are available in different designs and with a variety of features. What’s important is: For all e.s. chainsaw trousers, the focus is on safety – they therefore provide reliable protection from injuries when working with chainsaws. The cross chaps and dungarees have a special feature: Thanks to new positioning of the cut-resistant insert, the cross provides a larger protection radius and therefore protects from rip saws. In combination with bXeric®, a special elastic and robust material, the insert stretches and ensures unrestricted freedom of movement - for even more safety and comfort when working!

Protective clothing by engelbert strauss for the forestry industry is made from high-quality materials to ensure the highest level of safety. The differences are in the equipment, details and design. Therefore, choosing the right forestry trousers is a matter of taste. From experience, the first question to ask yourself when looking for the right chainsaw trousers is:

How do I find chainsaw trousers in the right size?

In general, protective clothing should be chosen so that it is possible to work unrestricted. At the same time, the clothing should not be too large so that snagging is not possible. Chainsaw trousers by engelbert strauss are available both in regular sizes and in smaller sizes. With the help of the size table, you can find the right size quickly and easily in the online shop.

Safety instructions

Trousers with chainsaw protection should not come into contact with pointed or sharp objects (for example, power saw chains, thorns, metal tools, etc.) or with aggressive substances, such as acids, oils, solvents, fuels or animal faeces to avoid damaging the material. Likewise, contact with hot objects (exhausts, etc.) and other heat sources (open fire, hot ovens, etc.) should be avoided – this can impair the chainsaw protection.

Repair instructions

Only the upper layer may be repaired in the event of damage. However, never sew through the cut-resistant insert! When changing or repairing safety clothing, (for example, shortening the legs) do not repair, change, shorten or sew through the cut-resistant insert. Any change to the cut-resistant insert may reduce or destroy its protective properties! For repairs and for further instructions on looking after your chainsaw trousers, please refer to the attached instructions for use.

Additional equipment for protection in forestry work

Please remember that complete protection when working with chainsaws is more than a pair of chainsaw trousers: Therefore, your outfit should also include the right footwear and appropriate gloves. Forestry safety shoes, such as S2 Alpine forestry safety shoes protect against cuts from hand-operated chainsaws with steel toe caps. PU chainsaw gloves by engelbert strauss guarantee a high level of cut resistance with cut resistance C. Also remember head and face protection when working – the latter protects the eyes from severe injuries from flying sawdust and other bits of wood. engelbert strauss provides KWF-tested forestry protective helmet combinations for this purpose. This is also equipped with ‘2C’ e.s.-certified ear defenders. You will also find many more products to protect your ears from the loud noise of the chainsaw in the hearing protection category.

Perfect chainsaw trousers are a few clicks away

Why spend a long time looking when it is so simple? The product filters on the chainsaw trousers overview page in the engelbert strauss online shop will help you quickly find the perfect pair: Here you can not only browse products by size, colour and collection, but also by equipment features, such as pockets and ventilation, and material and care features.